Always fit new BPW genuine brake shoes for

Performance & Security

Transport operators today face an ever-increasing number of costs and regulations which can affect profitability. To succeed in this environment, reliability is key for the modern fleet engineer looking to maximise fleet utilisation and minimise trailer downtime. It is perhaps these pressures that have seen a growing shift in the industry towards replacing brake shoes in their entirety and moving away from relining. Traditionally, relining is seen as a less costly alternative to new brake shoes, although in the long run, this can prove to be a false economy from both a safety and performance perspective.

New brake shoes remove the possibility of newer trailers being fitted with older, worn and damaged brake platforms which can often result in the incidence of brake noise, vibration, and premature lining degradation. All new BPW brake shoes are supplied complete with rollers, removing the problem of seized or damaged rollers caused by shot blasting. This damage can affect the braking performance and cause impact wear on the camshaft.

As a company whose reputation has been built on quality and reliability, BPW has long recommended fitting new brake shoes to make the most of its axle and suspension systems. This is not just a sales ploy, but because the friction surfaces of BPW brake pads and linings are specially matched to compliment the metallurgy in BPW disc or drum brakes. It is this important detail that ensures the best possible braking and wear behaviour for trailers. Long service life doesn’t happen by chance. Low wear on BPW brake drums and shoes is the result of many years’ experience and extensive testing to ensure it delivers consistent, efficient braking and that the wear components remain constant, right to the end of their service life.

This is of particular importance where the brake drum torque is higher and the shoes are from the smaller brake sizes that are used with 19.5”, 17.5” and 15.0” wheels, such as those on double-decks, where the increased height also increases the braking challenges.

Renowned for quality engineering, BPW manufacturing sets its brake shoes apart from the competition. Made in a BPW factory using a specially developed steel alloy, the pressed and coldhardened shoes are dip-coated with zinc-phosphate (KTLZn) for enhanced surface protection, a cataphoretic process that takes four hours. As the brake shoe is profiled to optimally match the BPW brake drum, there is no difference between BPW’s OE and the Aftermarket. So, for a long and safe service life with low operating costs, it pays to fit new BPW genuine brake shoes every time. Explore our online shop click here.  If you would like to find out more information the team at Montracon are here to help, contact us today on 01302 732500 or visit