What’s Stopping You?

Always fit new BPW genuine brake shoes for Performance & Security Transport operators today face an ever-increasing number of costs and regulations which can affect profitability. To succeed in this environment, reliability is key for the modern fleet engineer looking to maximise fleet utilisation and minimise trailer downtime. It is perhaps these pressures that have [...]

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Right now at Montracon Parts we have a fantastic range of products to keep your trailer clean are protected. 

Keep it clean with Montracon Parts. Summer is over and the weather is now turning. Make sure your trailer is protected with our range of Mudguards. We understand your trailers are a vital part of your business operation, this is why we have reduced our prices to keep your pride and joy protected. Not only [...]

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Witness the Quality and Value of Montracon’s Trailer Parts

Montracon's parts website hosts a wide variety of quality trailer parts at reduced prices. As one of the leading trailer manufacturers in the UK, Montracon use its vast buying power to purchase OE and aftermarket trailer parts at reduced prices. From corner caps to full side panels, lighting to running gear and air brake. We [...]

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Come Join us at Truckfest Scotland 2018

Montracon Showcase Truckfest Scotland 2018 Truckfest is the must-see show for enthusiasts, families and the road haulage industry. Don’t miss Montracon’s Showcase event at Truckfest Scotland 2018. Our team would love to meet you and welcomes all visitors to explore our extensive range. We have so must to show you, just like we do every [...]

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Special Bulk Deals on Offer in the New Year

Montracon Parts are offering special bulk deals in the New Year In 2018, the Montracon parts division will be offering special bulk deals on a wide selection of brand name parts through its website. We would encourage you to check our website on a regular basis to see what package deals are on offer, as [...]

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A Successful Year for the Montracons Parts Business

After a successful 2017 for the Montracons Parts Business, we are looking forward to 2018 Montracons parts business has had a very successful year that has seen some big changes to the business in terms of delivering quality parts for the road transport industry. Firstly, Montracon have invested in a new website earlier in the [...]

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Come and see us at the CV Show this April

Montracon are pleased to announce the launch of their new parts division website just in time for the CV Show. The website is full of OE parts at reduced prices and we have an influx of new products arriving every week. At this year’s CV Show, Montracon celebrates 40yrs in the trailer industry by taking [...]

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