After a successful 2017 for the Montracons Parts Business, we are looking forward to 2018

Montracons parts business has had a very successful year that has seen some big changes to the business in terms of delivering quality parts for the road transport industry.

Firstly, Montracon have invested in a new website earlier in the year. The website allows customers to buy OE and aftermarket parts at reduced prices delivered direct from Montracon’s depot. This has helped to increase sales and widen the reach of the parts business into otherwise inaccessible areas.

This move has allowed the company to expand the parts portfolio by creating more brands and more choice for regular and new customers alike. The Montracon Parts Division, being part of one of the leading trailer manufactures in the UK still has vast buying power to purchase the parts at low prices, but by expanding the reach with the website, we can offer more choice and brands.

Have a look at our website at to see the choice of parts that we have available.