Montracon Parts are offering special bulk deals in the New Year

In 2018, the Montracon parts division will be offering special bulk deals on a wide selection of brand name parts through its website. We would encourage you to check our website on a regular basis to see what package deals are on offer, as they will vary week on week.

We will also be changing and updating the parts that are available to buy through our website on a weekly basis, so be sure to check the website on a regular basis for quality parts at great prices.

You may be missing out on saving money

When was the last time you actually checked your current parts suppliers’ prices against their competitors? Not just on large items but also across the board. You may just look at the one-off purchases and make your decision  about the supplier on this basis.

It’s never easy to switch suppliers. You build up trust with them, but it can be this trust that is costing you money.

As a leading parts supplier we offer:

Bulk Discounts

Overnight VOR

Fridge Repair Panels

Flooring Kits

Imprest Stock

Workshop Consumables


We are very passionate about the road transport business and want to see our customers prosper in this current tough market. Why not let us help you?

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